How to Cover an Entire Wall with Curtains With Best Alternatives

Cover an Entire Wall with Curtains

Curtains play an important role in making your home beautiful. Through this, you can control the natural light in your rooms. Also, covering the walls and windows with curtains provides a perfect environment. There is no doubt that there are many benefits of having curtains in the room.

But have you ever wondered how to cover an entire wall with curtains? It is more challenging than you think. Doing this process without any guidance can lead to many obstacles and challenges.

So here we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to cover full wall with curtains to make this process a success.

Steps to Cover an Entire Wall With Curtains

1. Planning Your Curtain Wall

Planning Your Curtain Wall

  • Measure and assess the wall.

Start by measuring the wall you want to cover. It will help you to know the length and width of the curtain at the time of selection. After that, assess the current condition of the wall, and if there is any deficiency or defect, then remove it first.

  • Choose suitable curtains on wall without window

While choosing a curtains to cover walls, take a look inside your room and feel that a curtain will maintain the overall beauty and attractive look of your room.

If your room is plain, then you should go for curtains made of plain fabric like velvet. If your room is more like the modern era, then go for sheer fabric curtains.

2. Preparing The Wall

Before hanging the curtains, cleaning the wall is very important. Read these steps to complete this cleaning process.

  • Clean The Wall Surface

First of all, clean your well. You can use soap and warm water to clean the walls. When you are sure that your wall is completely clean, proceed with further methods.

  • Repair Any Damages

Inspect your wall for any damage, such as holes and cracks. Repair the damage by filling holes and cracks with wall putty. While repairing these damages, make sure your wall surface is smooth and clean the dust on the wall surface with a clean cloth or vacuum cleaner.

3. Installing The Curtain Rods

 Installing The Curtain Rods

  • Determine rod placement

Start by measuring the width of your wall and making sure you have it, and decide how much you want to extend your curtain. And mark the places where the curtain brackets will be placed, making sure they are level and a clear distance apart.

Use a straight object, such as a stick, on the wall surface to keep the bracket straight and level.

Mark the positions for the page. Pre-drill holes if necessary to avoid damaging the wall surface. Attach the bracket to the wall using screws, making sure they are securely attached.

4. Hanging The Curtains

A housewife Hanging The Curtains

  • Measure Curtain Length

Once you’ve measured the width and height of your wall surface, use that measurement on your curtain. In addition, when using it on your curtain, take special care that your curtain fits perfectly on the surface of the wall and not extra.

  • Hang Curtains Using Curtain Hooks Or Rings

Once you have measured your curtains and have some necessary tools, it’s time to hang the curtains.

Place the bars in the front part of the wall and make sure that they are well connected with the surface of the wall. Attach the top part of your curtain and make sure they are spaced. Slide the curtain hooks onto the curtain rod and adjust them to your desired position.

  • Style The Curtains For Your Desired Look

When you have completely hung your curtain on the wall surface, now is the time to make your curtains on walls to decorate and more stylish. Here are a few suggestions worth considering.

Use curtain ties or holdbacks to create a cohesive effect within the curtain.

Consider ways to tie or knot the curtain for a unique and stylish look.

Best Alternatives for Covering Entire Wall In-Home

  • Choose Oversize Art
Choose Oversize Art

If you’re dealing with ample wall space, opt for substantial artwork rather than smaller pieces. Large-scale art can swiftly grab attention and infuse drama into any room when hung on a sizable wall.

Whether it’s an expansive painting or a large photograph, you can experiment with vibrant colors and diverse textures to set the mood and design style of the space. If a custom art piece is beyond your budget, consider using a beloved photograph or expressing your creativity by painting a canvas to adorn your home.

  • Display a Collection of Mirrors
Display a Collection of Mirrors

Mirrors play a crucial role in giving the perception of increased space and enhanced illumination within your living space. Whether you’re sprucing up a generously sized room or grappling with the challenge of infusing vibrancy into a dull, expansive wall, incorporating a grouping of mirrors or a sizable mirror can be an excellent solution. 

This simple addition contributes to a more cohesive and expansive appearance, making the room feel more open. If investing in a grand mirror is beyond your budget, consider crafting a gallery display using a few smaller mirrors. Experiment with arrangements to achieve a design that suits your preferences and complements your space.


If you’re looking for alternatives to covering an entire wall with curtains, hanging family photos on the wall might be the best alternative.

No wallpaper? That’s no issue at all! Designer Sean Anderson, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, got creative by adorning the empty expanse near the door frame with his stash of Polaroid photos from family vacations and gatherings.


Here, we summarize this article. By reading this article, you will be sufficiently calmed down about how we can completely cover our walls with curtains. This process can be quite difficult for non-professionals. You will be able to make your wall beautiful.

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